Amicalola Falls

For those of you who know me, you know I have let myself go in recent years, living a sedentary lifestyle and eating poorly. I was excited about this trip for a multitude of reasons: I would grow artistically, I would grow emotionally and spiritually, and I would gain a healthier lifestyle. Today I went and hiked up and down Amicalola State Park’s waterfalls. If my body could have given me the evil eye, it would have.

Amicalola is one of the tallest waterfalls on the eastern side of the Mississippi River. It has around 600 stairs and is over 729 feet tall! Beyond it’s height, Amicalola Falls is absolutely breathtaking, in all the best and worst ways. It is gorgeous and the steps have many places to rest along the way for the tired hiker. While I was catching my breath the waterfall would often take it away again. It was absolutely stunning.

There are many trails that surround the waterfalls including the starting point of the Appalachian Trail. I hope that by next year I will be healthy enough to go on this trail and hike all the way to Maine.


This week Juno, Luna, and I have headed over to the foothills of Georgia to rest and reconnect with my family before we leave on this journey. Neither of the kitties were terribly excited about the adventure beginning. Admittedly, I had foreseen this possibility. The cats crawling into my lap screaming for rescue, but to my surprise on the four hour trip they did find peace sitting next to each other in the passenger seat. Juno eventually climbed up onto the dash to sunbathe. Which gave me hope that the cats may end up liking the new sites.

Juno, enjoying her new habitat.

Normally being a very cautious person, I like to have the cats in carrier crates. Since Art is not just a car though, I decided to let the cats roam the vehicle. It soothes their travel anxiety, which in turn, soothes my own. I also made available all the luxuries of home including their litter box. This created issues of another kind when the door hinge became weak due to the bumps in the road. Luckily my father is very handy and made easy work of the little hiccup.

There were a few more snafus along the way which delayed the journey. While painting the interior, I ended up overextending the generator’s capabilities. As everyone around me has reminded me, better now than later. I agree. I’m glad we are getting all of the trying events out of the way before the road trip.

I will be leaving in the next day or two, but the itinerary has changed a bit. I will now be sweeping wide to check out the north-eastern states before dipping down and across the Midwest. While I have stayed with my parents, we have had the best quality time. I have appreciated them throwing a going away party which my brother, aunt, and cousin came to. I also have loved getting to see their super cool neighborhood and paddle boarding with them. I think the hardest part about a trip that spans a long time is the idea of not seeing them. Hopefully they will have the time to come out and meet me at one of the many national parks I will be visiting along the way.

Paddle boarding is fun…
Paddle board yoga is more fun!

Meet “Art”

Everyone, meet Art. Named affectionately for the man I bought him from, and after the thing I love most and I am so pumped!

I will be taking him home from Georgia tomorrow to pack up and go. I have a few things to wrap up in my hometown and then the adventure begins!

Pick Up and Go!

This week the adventure begins! I am headed out to Washington to pick up my rig. Tomorrow I will fly out of Atlanta and into Seattle to begin one of the coolest journeys!

I decided on a Class C RV because I would have the benefits of a semi permanent home but the flexibility of a shorter vehicle. The coolest part about this RV is the space it will have for large canvases. There is a compartment over the cab that is suppose to double as a space for another mattress but instead I can store large pieces of art there. The rig has the capability to go off boondocking for a week or more. It has a huge fresh water tank and a generator so quiet it wouldn’t startle a napping baby.

On my journey home, I will stop in Montana, South Dakota, Missouri, and Tennessee. There are going to be some beautiful sites that I will photograph and upload along the way. Since this is a busier week than normal for me, I will probably end up posting after the fact.

After picking up this beauty, I’ll be on my way to home base for a brief interlude so I can pick up the cats and stock the kitchen. I may also decorate the interior of the RV before leaving for my long trip across the US. I have made arrangements for where to stop for the majority of the trip. If you, my awesome reader, have a suggestion, then I would love to hear from you! Drop a comment of your favorite spots in the US below. I personally love art and music hot-spots, historical monuments, beautiful natural sites, and quirky hidden treasures! But I would love to hear what you’ve found on your journeys!

Finding the Right Ride

So far my experience looking for a vehicle of any kind is zilch. Suffice to say I feel the pressure searching for a recreational vehicle that is much larger than my Honda Civic or my previous car the Honda Fit. I definitely see myself operating a tank in this scenario. The next step is customization. Since the trip will be several months if not a year or more, having the comforts of home in this RV will be really important. I’ve been looking at this as a form of independence. For this reason modifications will be vital to successful road-trip! I want to try the form of camping known as “boondocking” which is where campers utilize free, remote locations that may or may not have electrical or water hook-ups. I am looking into solar panels for this reason. I also want to invest in a really large fresh water tank and modify my rig with those to enable a more remote lifestyle. If all goes well, I will be living off the grid with very few month-to-month expenses. With an abundance of caution I have prepared for the route to Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska. There are over 30 stops along the way including visiting colleges, family, and art museums, as well as the National Park system and State Park systems. All together the trip will be 11,496 miles and that’s if there are not more stops along the way (which there totally will be.) Mileage is a concern. I am buying a second-hand RV and I need to be sure that the best miles are ahead of the whatever vehicle I choose! Wish me luck in finding the rig of my dreams. I will be updating you guys soon!

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